JANUARY: Nietzsche


Nietzsche has been through it all! He is 18 years old and recently had to have his paw amputated but that certainly hasn’t stopped him! He has recovered perfectly and actually seems to get around the house faster these days. We love Nietzsche and we are so glad that he is the trooper he is!


We were fortunate to spend Christmas with Sinai this year. She is a wonderful girl with a very lovable disposition. Sinai was more than happy to spend the holiday lounging around on the couch with Kate’s dog babies. We had a fantastic time with her and can’t wait to see her again!


Dory is a very funny girl. Recently, Dory’s feline sister Emma has been under the weather but Dory keeps an eye on her by laying her head across Emma’s body and licking her face! Emma isn’t too thrilled about this but Dory just adores her and always wants to keep her company!


There is no better way to describe Yankee other than to say she is a ball of love. In every expression, you can see that she has a kind heart and soul. Yankee is also the highest jumper we know. At some points on our walks, she jumps straight up in the air six feet high!!


Trudy is quite a character! Trudy is actually Honey’s sister and like so many siblings, together they have the most wonderful time playing and teasing each other! Though Trudy is much smaller, she leads the pack and is always excited and ready to go on her walks!


Honey is truly a special girl! She has such a wonderfully unique personality and we are lucky enough to see her everyday for her mid-afternoon walks. Honey absolutely loves people and could cuddle up on the couch with you for hours at a time without moving an inch!

JULY: Comet and Cosmo

How adorable are Comet and Cosmo in the winter wear?! We just love this picture of them! Unfortunately, the boys will be leaving the area soon and we won't be able to see them nearly as much! We will certainly miss Comet and Cosmo and all the affection that they give!

JUNE: Bodi

Bodi is such a love! We've had the chance to take care of him quite a bit the past few months and it's always a joy. We were even lucky enough to have him over the house for Easter as a special treat. With all his love and kindness, Bodi truly holds a special place in our hearts!


This is Callie, one of the sweetest girls around! One of our Slumber Care pals, Callie is spunky, happy, loving, and cuddly! She is just a joy to have as a buddy around the house, on the long walks through the beautiful trails and on short errands around town! In April, we had an absolutely great time with Callie, spending lots of time together and even driving to the city so Callie could enjoy the beautiful day on the Mall; it was great fun! Callie is a great little buddy, with a loving heart and a wonderful personality, which makes her our Pet Pal of the Month for May!


Abby is the first pet in Tail Wags history to be a pet pal of the month twice! Recently Abby underwent cancer surgery which took quite a toll on her family but the good news is, she is a survivor! Abby is doing wonderfully at home and is enjoying a little rest and relaxation right now. We absolutely adore her and anxiously await each of our pet pal visits!

MARCH: Jack and Chloe

Chloe and Jack are quite the brother and sister pair! They look out for each other in ways almost human. With their sweet and loving personalities, each of them brings joy to so many lives. Unfortunately though, Jack, the yellow lab, is currently in need of a new home. If anyone is interested, please contact us for further details at INFO@tailwags.net. He is truly a wonderful dog and if we didn't already have four pets at home, we would certainly take him in a snap!


If you want to find Agent, just follow the sounds of meowing and purring! Though very beautiful and lovable, what really makes Agent special is his affectionate and talkative nature. Agent is a wonderful boy with a lot of love to give; though he's a kitty, he doesn't seem to know it, running around talking to everyone as if he speaks English! Agent has two wonderful, beautiful sisters, but, for his inspiring trust and vulnerability, we want him to shine in the spotlight this month!


Rosie is a true people dog! She absolutely loves to cuddle and could watch movies with you all night. As one of our slumber care clients, we have had the opportunity to get to know her well and certainly enjoy her company!


How adorable is little Ellie in this picture? Ellie has been nicknamed Ellie-belly since every time we arrive she immediately lays down and rolls over to have her belly rubbed. We've been lucky enough to walk Ellie everyday for the last four months and watch her grow up into quite a beautiful dog. She is truly the most well behaved puppy we have ever met and certainly one of the sweetest!